Your old victorian house holds a charming secret...

Fill your conservatory with life as you nurture a variety of moths, growing colourful herbs to feed them aided by a mysterious benefactor on the telephone.



Move - WASD or Arrow keys
Interact - E or Space (hold for some actions)
Look at held item - Q
Pause - Esc or P

Move - D-Pad or Left analog stick
Interact - Cross/A
Look at held item - Triangle/Y
Pause - Start

(Version 1.4.2)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(93 total ratings)
AuthorMoth House
Made withConstruct
Tags1-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, Cute, Farming, Management, moth, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Virtual Pet
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller


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Mothkeeper 1.4.2 42 MB

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i'm stuck on the start screen

I really like this game! But I can't seem to get an Xbox controller to work on the downloadable windows version of the game, just the in-browser version. Is there a way to make the game controller compatible in the downloadable version?

I love this so much! It’s fun to play :D if there’s more updates and stuff id love to see it ^^

am i being silly? i cant get past the controls page 

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the game loaded for me but i can't click on anything :(

edit: i figured it out I am just big dumb


I managed to get all the moths, here's some tips for you guys. Focus on the PLANTS, feed the moths and sell their dust to earn money and buy some plant boxes (the moths don't die, must be a bug, so you should use it to your advantage). Upgrade that elevator thing near the telephone, makes it easier to bring things on the second floor (it needs 2 wood planks). Once you get the sable egg buy the water in the shop to make the pumpkin (sable food) grow faster, the sable caterpillar tends to disappear when you don't feed it at certain amount of days. I hope this helps you all!!

I've been trying to use the telephone. How do you water the plants?

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You will be able to use the telephone once you accumulate some dusts from the cocoons. As for the plants just press the space button.

A good, fun, relaxing game. I enjoyed it a lot. There are some bugs but the ambience, the music and the art are awesome. Good job!

When you start days seem long and as you progress they feel too short.


hehe ~bugs~



Deleted 125 days ago
Deleted 125 days ago

I have picked up dust and it says I have dust in my inventory but when i try to sell it the menu says 0/2


You've probably figured it out, but that means you're currently selling 0 of the 2 that you own. Get the cursor over there and then press right to tell it to sell! Don't forget to confirm by selecting "Market" at the bottom!

does anyone know how to fix all the broken things?


Just incase anyone has things to sell but dosent want to sell all incase they need money later!

Cerulean dust - 10g

Cerulean silk - 20g

Lavender dust - 12g

Lavender silk - 30g 

Pale dust - 18g

Pale silk - 42g (? i forgot to check when i sold it)

Sable dust - (?)

Sable silk - (?)

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Sable dust - 20g

Sable silk - 50g



awh it wont let me play this for some reason i just get a "windows icon updated" pop-up and never get to play the game :(


been playing for a few irl days, im almost at 100 days, some of my planters dont work at all, nor can i pick them up, and my sable moth caterpillar randomly vanished

i also have way too many moths... is there any way to get rid of some?


I love this game a lot, it's very cozy and warm, but the days feel like they're either too short, or the movement speed is just taking far too long. I can't keep up with my moths' feeding, let alone planting and watering everything and I feel so bad for them :"(

How do you slide down the ladder??? I still have zero idea-

Finally figured it out myself, hold the S and E (or controller equivalent) at the same time




or space

Spent several hours here (browser version). Super nice atmosphere and music! Although I agree with some comments before about not having enough time to grow, harvest plants and feed all the duders (when you have more than 10 of them at the same time). Also I encountered some bad glitch - several of the grow boxes just stopped functioning, and I could not plant anything in them or even remove the boxes. I'm using Win / Chrome, if that matters... Anyway, great and cozy project! Thanks!

My entire game just reset, so sad-

Deleted 70 days ago

you kinda just plant it in the ground- no shovel needed lol.

Deleted 70 days ago

You need to drop them into the slots on the balcony, there should be fireflies pointing to them when you hold a planter.

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I absolutely love the game, although there are some issues with growing the weeds and pumpkins. every time I plant more than 3 seeds and water it, it disappears into thin air. Another issue is when i feed the orange moth a pumpkin while im on the ladder, the seeds just float ;-; 

I really like the game the only problem is there needs to be a way to speed up feeding. Something like a feeding area or object you can put food into. It gets to a point where there simply isnt enough time in the day to really get things done and feed the moths one by one.

you can call them up to one spot with the big lantern at the top

Idk what happened to my game but I had a sable caterpillar and when 2 of my lavender caterpillars hatched it just disappeared. Also my new caterpillars just will not eat stuff 

How do I feed the Orange Caterpillar?

Pumpkins! There should be a seed close to where you found the egg :)

Thank you!!! One more question. How do I get the lamp working at the very top of the stairs? 

I really love this game! It is so addicting! 

So glad you're enjoying it! You'll need to repair the pull switch with silk from sable moths (the orange ones).

I keep trying to boot it up and it just gives me a screen with a few dots on it- Uhh-

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Hi I'm not sure what's preventing it from starting for you but that's just the first frame of the loading animation. Maybe give it some time?

Really enjoyed this and managed to keep all moths alive. Then the sable moth's seeds glitched into the ladder and I couldn't get them. :( So I just closed the game rather than letting them die. Very sad.

But the game itself was super fun! 10/10!

Thanks! Sorry about the glitch (the moth won't actually die though)

(Good to know!)

It's a really nice game with a fun artstyle but for me it's just a bit too hard to maintain the entire thing without letting moths die or slowly draining the bank

I really love the art style and everything about this game but I dont know if i've done something wrong but I cannot figure out how to water the seeds to grow more herbs :( 

Hey you should be able to water them by holding down the interact button while you're touching them.
(Interact is E/Space on keyboard or A/Cross on controller)

my progress got deleted

Sorry to hear that! Save files are stored in your cache when you play in browser, so avoid clearing it if you want to keep progress.

I really enjoyed this, especially the art and contrasting colors. Such a unique and interesting game with a game idea I have never seen before!

Thanks so much!

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I absolutely love this! I'm a huge moth fan and this is the perfect vibe for a game. I've been playing for a few days and have noticed it gets super laggy later on because of the tons of seeds Fable moths produce upon being fed. I've been trying to get an egg from mine to upgrade my outfit to a nice orange instead of purple, and it just hasn't been spawning. Instead, I have thousands of orange pumpkin seeds I try to shove into corners, they've been affecting feeding and such, along with, the only way to even try to get rid of them is to plant them and hope they die, which takes up space for food. I once tried to massively drop all of them on a greenhouse cleanup and I almost killed around seven of my moths in the process, I think I might have actually killed one honestly. It's an amazing game, but I really do wish there was a way to remove excess objects, I also have a spare planter and a plank of wood lying around. Otherwise, 10/10!


(can't wait for that egg)

Edit: Cleanings going horribly, can't even pick up some of the seeds, all moths now have long-term depression.

boy do I love floating out of reach seeds

Update on the situation:

They've become so baddie they've started to defy gravity.


Thanks for your feedback! I'm really glad you enjoy the game and I'll definitely take that on board for the next version. I tried to avoid this buildup by making the pumpkins decay over time, but you'd have to plant and grow them all.

It is lovely I must say, hope the coding is easier than expected heh-

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Quick question: Is there a max limit of moths/eggs? I've been trying for about 50 days, fed every day, and no luck.

There's no limit, but the chance of each moth hatching an egg is decreased by having lots of moths. I'm surprised you haven't had one yet, could be a bug.

Hm, maybe.

Or my rng just hates me lol.


Hey there, just played the game, it's pretty nice! I really like how it looks. 

It seems however the pause doesn't actually pause the game, it pauses de animations but the time keeps on going (the sun mooves and the day can be spent while "paused") 

This bothers me quite much because this is a very time based game (small days) and sometimes real life calls

I play the download version for windows btw if it helps.


how do i use tellephone i like the game but feel excluded without it


interact with 

interact with it; first you have to get a cocoon and pick up the dust, you will get a call and after wards you can buy and sell things, the egg looking symbol in the bottom left corner is how much money you have, the sell price depends of what moth/cocoon it came from.


it sucks that i keep having to replay the tutorial over and over again, because its so slow. could you make a skip tutorial button?


i have so many months that i couldn't keep up and feed them all, now most of them are just starving, is there any way to let them free because i feel bad :(


I thought about adding a way to release moths but I'm afraid it's not possible currently, I'll try to add it in future!


I love this game so much! This immediately has landed on my favorite games list, and I've shared it with practically everyone I know. It's so simple and lovely and has so many little details in the cute moth animations, the gothic architecture and subtle background shifts, the day-night cycle and various weather conditions, the music, and the balanced cyclical mechanics of progression.

Your youtube shorts were also very helpful when I was getting started (and made me laugh at "love is obviously worthless") so thank you for those!

The only thing that could possibly make it more perfect to me is if I could play it on a handheld device (like a phone, gameboy or switch) just so I could bring my mothlings with me everywhere I go.

(1 edit) (+1)

I did run into some minor issues, but I only mention them in case you're ever in a bug-fixing mood:

  • At some point of the planters broke (the one that's two slots to the left of the lift; it was no longer liftable or plantable)
  • The first time I got three orange seeds, I planted and watered them all, but the next day two had disappeared Nevermind, you mentioned in another comment that this is intentional!
  • Saves don't work on the web version (all progress is lost when I reload the page; I'm using Firefox on Linux, so it may not be universal, or even that common)
  • Text sometimes gets cut off or escapes the speech bubbles (mostly the initial dialogue; again, may just be me)
  • At one point dust landed out of reach up around the big lantern (up and to the right of the uppermost platform)
  • It would be cool if the game prevented me from accidentally ordering more planks or planters than I can use
  • I have so many moths now that I run out of time in the day to feed them all, and I wish I could set some of them free instead of letting them starve

Hey thanks so much for playing and recommending the game! I appreciate the feedback too, I'll see if I can patch those issues but some might have to wait until the next iteration.


Awesome! I eagerly await future goth pixel moth adventures <3


how do you get white eggs?


Well fed moths will hatch them randomly

How do you fix ladders?

Hey, you can fix most things by interacting with them while holding a wooden plank

press and hold though

As much as I've been loving this game (and the new moth and herb!) I've been having a few bugs coming up, some worse than others. For starters, I'm still getting glitches with planters and the lift breaking out of nowhere. The planters will either not accept a certain type of plant (I kept trying to plant a sable seed in one planter, but it would vanish the next day whilst being fine with other seeds); or they will stop working after harvesting from them.
The far worse glitch is that I've deleted some saves (I use the desktop version) and now those slots are unusable. I deleted the third save and when I tried to make a new save there it overwrote the first slot. The same happened when I erased the second slot - when choosing the slot that had been deleted, I would exit out after sleeping to find that it had overwritten the first slot. I'm not upset about it (I find it's more fun to try restarting with different strategies instead of constantly playing the same save), but it is frustrating.

Still, I absolutely love the game (and the art, animation, music... all of it, really!) It's just a bit of a pain when I have to restart a save after the lift breaks or completely reinstall the game because the save slots have broken :(


Hey thanks for playing! I'm sorry you encountered such issues. I presume you encountered all these in v1.4.2?
One thing that isn't a bug - pumpkin seeds won't always grow, that probably should be clearer somehow.
I've done my best to put failsafes in place to prevent planters and the lift breaking, I'm honestly not sure how it can still happen. This is the first I've heard of the save issue so I'll have to look into that as it sounds pretty devastating. I'm somewhat limited by the engine and my beginner scripting since this was my first game so I may not be able to fix everything with this version, I will be making a sequel eventually though.

Hey, is it just a random chance whether the pumpkins will grow or not? It's looked to me like only one will grow at a time, no matter how many you plant, which has really messed up my attempts to keep a sable moth! I thought I could save up some pumpkins to get through the days where there wasn't one to harvest, but it seems like they decay???

Absolutely love the game, by the way.  Best one I've played in ages.  My only other complaint is that I wish there was a box or something to store all the eggs I'm not using, 'cause they're getting in my way XD


Hey yeah it's mostly random, although you will always get at least one good seed from each pumpkin. They will decay over time but you can still use them when half decayed. I worried they would start to pile up otherwise.
Thanks for playing and leaving your feedback, I'll definitely take it on board for the next version!

all my hard work got deleted :<

oh no! sorry to hear that, did you clear your browser cache perhaps? that's where the save date is stored.

i didnt but perhaps my school did,  but it's okay because i'm really close to getting to where i was

(2 edits)

How do you grow the white eggs and orange eggs?

One egg disappeared after not being incubated I think.

hey, white eggs require both pink and blue fuel, while black eggs need pumpkins. the incubator will light up in that colour when it's fueled correctly.

Ohhh, tysm!  It's an amazing game, very addictive lmho.

thanks so much!

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