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Hey there, just played the game, it's pretty nice! I really like how it looks. 

It seems however the pause doesn't actually pause the game, it pauses de animations but the time keeps on going (the sun mooves and the day can be spent while "paused") 

This bothers me quite much because this is a very time based game (small days) and sometimes real life calls

I play the download version for windows btw if it helps.


how do i use tellephone i like the game but feel excluded without it


it sucks that i keep having to replay the tutorial over and over again, because its so slow. could you make a skip tutorial button?


i have so many months that i couldn't keep up and feed them all, now most of them are just starving, is there any way to let them free because i feel bad :(

I thought about adding a way to release moths but I'm afraid it's not possible currently, I'll try to add it in future!

I love this game so much! This immediately has landed on my favorite games list, and I've shared it with practically everyone I know. It's so simple and lovely and has so many little details in the cute moth animations, the gothic architecture and subtle background shifts, the day-night cycle and various weather conditions, the music, and the balanced cyclical mechanics of progression.

Your youtube shorts were also very helpful when I was getting started (and made me laugh at "love is obviously worthless") so thank you for those!

The only thing that could possibly make it more perfect to me is if I could play it on a handheld device (like a phone, gameboy or switch) just so I could bring my mothlings with me everywhere I go.

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I did run into some minor issues, but I only mention them in case you're ever in a bug-fixing mood:

  • At some point of the planters broke (the one that's two slots to the left of the lift; it was no longer liftable or plantable)
  • The first time I got three orange seeds, I planted and watered them all, but the next day two had disappeared Nevermind, you mentioned in another comment that this is intentional!
  • Saves don't work on the web version (all progress is lost when I reload the page; I'm using Firefox on Linux, so it may not be universal, or even that common)
  • Text sometimes gets cut off or escapes the speech bubbles (mostly the initial dialogue; again, may just be me)
  • At one point dust landed out of reach up around the big lantern (up and to the right of the uppermost platform)
  • It would be cool if the game prevented me from accidentally ordering more planks or planters than I can use
  • I have so many moths now that I run out of time in the day to feed them all, and I wish I could set some of them free instead of letting them starve

Hey thanks so much for playing and recommending the game! I appreciate the feedback too, I'll see if I can patch those issues but some might have to wait until the next iteration.

Awesome! I eagerly await future goth pixel moth adventures <3

how do you get white eggs?

Well fed moths will hatch them randomly

How do you fix ladders?

Hey, you can fix most things by interacting with them while holding a wooden plank

As much as I've been loving this game (and the new moth and herb!) I've been having a few bugs coming up, some worse than others. For starters, I'm still getting glitches with planters and the lift breaking out of nowhere. The planters will either not accept a certain type of plant (I kept trying to plant a sable seed in one planter, but it would vanish the next day whilst being fine with other seeds); or they will stop working after harvesting from them.
The far worse glitch is that I've deleted some saves (I use the desktop version) and now those slots are unusable. I deleted the third save and when I tried to make a new save there it overwrote the first slot. The same happened when I erased the second slot - when choosing the slot that had been deleted, I would exit out after sleeping to find that it had overwritten the first slot. I'm not upset about it (I find it's more fun to try restarting with different strategies instead of constantly playing the same save), but it is frustrating.

Still, I absolutely love the game (and the art, animation, music... all of it, really!) It's just a bit of a pain when I have to restart a save after the lift breaks or completely reinstall the game because the save slots have broken :(

Hey thanks for playing! I'm sorry you encountered such issues. I presume you encountered all these in v1.4.2?
One thing that isn't a bug - pumpkin seeds won't always grow, that probably should be clearer somehow.
I've done my best to put failsafes in place to prevent planters and the lift breaking, I'm honestly not sure how it can still happen. This is the first I've heard of the save issue so I'll have to look into that as it sounds pretty devastating. I'm somewhat limited by the engine and my beginner scripting since this was my first game so I may not be able to fix everything with this version, I will be making a sequel eventually though.

Hey, is it just a random chance whether the pumpkins will grow or not? It's looked to me like only one will grow at a time, no matter how many you plant, which has really messed up my attempts to keep a sable moth! I thought I could save up some pumpkins to get through the days where there wasn't one to harvest, but it seems like they decay???

Absolutely love the game, by the way.  Best one I've played in ages.  My only other complaint is that I wish there was a box or something to store all the eggs I'm not using, 'cause they're getting in my way XD


Hey yeah it's mostly random, although you will always get at least one good seed from each pumpkin. They will decay over time but you can still use them when half decayed. I worried they would start to pile up otherwise.
Thanks for playing and leaving your feedback, I'll definitely take it on board for the next version!

all my hard work got deleted :<

oh no! sorry to hear that, did you clear your browser cache perhaps? that's where the save date is stored.

i didnt but perhaps my school did,  but it's okay because i'm really close to getting to where i was

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How do you grow the white eggs and orange eggs?

One egg disappeared after not being incubated I think.

hey, white eggs require both pink and blue fuel, while black eggs need pumpkins. the incubator will light up in that colour when it's fueled correctly.

Ohhh, tysm!  It's an amazing game, very addictive lmho.

thanks so much!


for some reason the third pot from the right isnt moveable or plantable anymore, i cant feed one of my pink moths too

game's very enjoyable tho :D

sorry about that, i'll look into it. glad you enjoy the game anyway!

I have the same issue, as well.

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for some reason i cant sell any of my sable dust, i have four of them, and i keep getting more, and i cant sell them. and i cant use the manual.

update, i now have twenty sable dust

and i guess i can now sell them, but they dont leave my inventory, so i guess i get a free money glitch :/

thanks for telling me! the book is broken atm, i'll have to look into the dust as well and try to patch it soon

should be fixed now, thanks for pointing it out! :)

ive played this game before, but... its been a while. I got to day 11 but still cant use the phone? is this normal?


the phone should become active once you collect your first dust (which drops when a caterpillar becomes a cocoon, then randomly from fed moths)

Thank you for your quick responses :D 

its probably me doing something wrong, but ive collected dust and started the next day, but still am unable to use the phone. I am nearly out of food for moths...  do i have to wait the day and not end it immediately? 

sounds like a bug, sorry about that! if you started from an old save it may have been caused by that somehow

I've got the same issue, I can't use the phone and newly hatched eggs don't disappear and instead get replaced by still images of the caterpillar, also I can't seem to use the book thing.  

hmm thanks for letting me know, the book seems broken but im not sure about the rest. can you give me any details about which version you're playing (mac/windows/chrome/firefox etc)? also did you start recently or load a save from a while ago?

I made a new game, and Im playing on chrome.

I started the game I think 2 days ago, and tried to log in yesterday on chrome. I had a save file before this, but I didn't use it. I think I started the save in version 1.4 and logged in when it was version 1.4.1. Not sure if this is helpful but yeah.

I agree with the other person who said that the walking felt a bit slow, perhaps in a future update, you could make an upgrade (shoes perhaps?) that you could buy from the telephone/make using the loom. Just an idea :)


that's a nice idea, thanks! i've opted to increase the base speed slightly in the next update

partly used your idea and made the outfits increase walk speed :)

This has to be one of my favorite games it's so cute and fun


wow thankyou!

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This was a pleasure to play. The in-game manual was a nice idea. The fireflies help was cute. The save/sleep was done well. The background tune was a good choice. The game could be the foundation to something bigger.


thanks so much for your feedback, i'm glad you liked it! i do hope to make a sequel sooner or later


i love this game !! very addicting.

idk where to find the spoke though 😭


thanks, so glad you're enjoying it! you can fix the wheel using planks :)


It's so addicting! Played for two hours straight... it's getting so hard otoo feed them now ahha but love it!

thanks for playing, so glad you're enjoying it!

hey wonderful game! but the walking is a bit slow!!! 😞

I love this game :DD especially when its et in a Victorian house but there's one problem on the browser version the pale all the pale items like pale sick are negative but other than that its a cool relaxing game :DD 

glad you like it! thanks for playing and for letting me know about the silk

hey!! this game is very cute and had me playing it for a very long time, i like it a lot! however, one thing: the lift just stopped working after a while, i couldn't pull the cord. It made it very hard to play when you have a lot of moths that need feeding. i managed to get the lamp anyway, which i assume is the last unlockable item, so i think i finished it and i really enjoyed it!

hey thanks so much for playing and sending your feedback, sorry about the lift!

hey uhh... the discord invite link appears to not work anymore and i really adore this game! Any chance you could update it pls?

oops sorry about that, should be working now! glad you enjoyed the game :)

whoa my heart wants to grow moths now <3 thank you for making this masterpiece

thanks so much for playing!

hello! How do you incubate the pale egg? itsbeen 3 days and it hasn't grown ive used a mix of both herbs

hi there! try adding both herbs to the incubator at once, it should glow white and incubate all eggs :)

How do you fix the pulley

and I love this game soo much I'm on day 50 and I really love taking care of my pet moths

thanks so much, really glad you're enjoying the game! you can fix the lift with wooden planks, similar to the ladders

Hi i’m sorry if this is a stupid question but how do I feed the pale moth?

you can feed them with either colour of herb, they're not fussy! :)

Hello Moth House,

My name is Antonia Gates, I manage the games at I really enjoyed Mothkeeper, I think it would be a great fit on our site!

I'm writing to ask if the game is available for non-exclusive licensing. Our licenses are totally non-exclusive, so you would maintain all of the IP rights and could continue to develop and distribute the game however you'd like to.

Please let me know if it is available, and how much it would cost. I'm looking forward to discussing this with you soon!

Best regards,

Antonia Gates

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I've been absolutely loving this game! The graphics are adorable and the music is really lovely and chill. It's really cheered me up after a rough few days! :)

Just wanted to say that I've seen a few glitches, such as animations being slightly broken (the caterpillars sometimes vanish instead of crawling up the wall when they cocoon themselves) and other graphical issues (like invisible dust that I pick up by accident). On top of this, the pause menu doesn't pause the game (which can be quite stressful when you have such little time to work with). This has mostly happened on the PC download, but also a couple of times on the web version.

I'm going to continue supporting this game because it is such a joy to play and I hope that it brings you a lot of success, because it deserves recognition!

thanks so much for playing and letting me know about the bugs! i'm really glad it brought you some joy :D

how do you make clothing? dust or silk?

silk :)

are you supposed to be able to get eggs from all the moths?

yeah all types should be able to lay eggs, it's a random chance as long as they're fed

Deleted 271 days ago

it should become available after they ring you the third time (which happens once you collect the dust from your first cocoon)


very cute and fun!! one thing i think would be nice is for the character to say a few more things after the initial tutorial section. for example when you fix up the pulley or the spinning wheel have it say something like "now i can carry things up more easily" or "now i can make new outfits for my wardrobe". oh and one last thing, when i first launched the game there were a bunch of super confusing sounds going on (at least one every few seconds)?? i thought "maybe the music just has a weird beat" and tried to turn it off in settings but that didn't work. eventually those extra sounds went away and i turned the music setting back on (which still didn't do anything since the music had been playing anyway). not sure what that was about.

thanks for your feedback! were these gamesounds or just audio glitches? also can i ask which version you're playing (web/windows/mac)?

the web version. they sounded like the sound effects i heard later in the game, so game sounds.

strange, thanks for letting me know

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I like the game though! its so cute and chill

thanks! i didn't see the original comment, did you encounter an issue?

thought I did, but then it stopped suddenly so I don’t think it was an issue with the game. My computer can sometimes cause interesting glitches and I have never found out why.


can moths die? or do they just not make dust when they're not fed


they'll get pretty sad if they go unfed for a few days, but they won't perish

absolutely adorable game! 


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This game is so cute!

glad you like it, thanks for playing!

WOAH! this game is so cool! I mean, it's pretty small of course, but even then it's a lot of fun, and I really loved the monochromatic style too, along with all the Victorian style architecture, and you did a fantastic job with the music too! Definitely one of my favorite projects I've seen here on itch 

thanks so much i'm glad you like it!

I'm broke AF right now, but when I get paid in a couple days I am SO contributing to this project!! Amazing work!!!

thanks so much!

Fun relaxing game!


Great little game! I really dig the mood you've created here.

thanks for playing!


I found a bug that isn't a moth. The Pale moth's silk and dust counters aren't subtracting when they're sold at market & I got crazy rich in 30 days.

are you playing the latest build? that should have been fixed in 1.2

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